Aft cabin step and chainplate progress

We now have a (temporary) step to get onto the seat and from there onto the new aft double bed.

At the moment it is an experiment to check the height and size (particularly to see if we bang our shins on it or step up too high and hit our heads). The permanent one will also have a useful bit of storage inside it.

Then while Jane has been continuing to cut and fit the foam insulation, I moved on to the starboard forward mizzen stay. This is in the corridor just forward of the bulkhead where the door to aft cabin was.

As it is so close to the bulkhead I’ve had to cut a “slot” through it so that I can fit a larger backing plate. I’m only going to use a FR4 backing plate as this stay is one of the more lightly loaded ones, also the position of the bulkhead adds extra reinforcement for the scupper drains (this chainplate is about halfway between the two scupper drains).

The scupper drains are for water from the deck, they are fully moulded into the hull and stop dirty water from the deck staining the boat sides by enclosing it to below the waterline.

Once the chainplate is sorted we will epoxy in a vertical bit of FR4 to connect the chainplate to the bulkhead.

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