Drilling and then filling big holes for new chainplates

Today we drilled 8 holes 44mm in diameter through the deck (and in 4 cases on through the plywood backing sheet). Where we already have a 9.5mm FR4 backing plate we didn’t go through that.

It was all going very slowly with a cheap hole saw unil one bit of fibreglass got so stuck that I couldn’t get it out. A visit to Screwfix sorted that with a much better Milwakee hole saw that very quickly finished the job.

Then Jane taped some plastic (from old takeaway box lids) over the holes on the inside.

Next we filled them with thickened epoxy (only a few leaks inside that meant some top ups were required).

Now we are ready for the smaller hole (the edges of which will be fully sealed and waterproof thanks to this thickened epoxy).

So we continue to make progress towards the mizzen mast going up.

I’ve also measured and ordered all the FR4 backing plates for the main mast. Now that we know what we are doing I think we will be able to fit all all of them in about 3 days.

2 thoughts on “Drilling and then filling big holes for new chainplates

  1. Benjamin July 27, 2021 / 10:53 pm

    Hi Dave,

    I’ve just seen your post about the Ecor Pro dehumidifier, I couldn’t comment on that post for some reason, so posting here. I’m keen to get one of the DH1200 units, just curious how loud they are and if the sound is obtrusive at all in a small space? What would you compare the volume/loudness of the fan to?

    Thanks for any assistance on this one.

    All the best.


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