Mast tang for dyneema shroud progress

Today I started on the tangs for the mizzen mast.

This has 9mm Dyneema shrouds. So I have an 18mm sheet of FR4. This means I can have sides tall enough to put a retainer between them to stop the shroud jumping out.

This first one is 80mm wide, tapering to 30mm and is 100mm high. I think I’ll make the next ones a little wider still.

I don’t have the dremel with me at home so this is just the initial shaping with the Jigsaw, then using the drill press to put a 10mm hole through and a hacksaw to open the top a bit.

Using the dremel and a sander I should be able to get it all nice and rounded and smooth.

Then an angled hole for the through mast bolt so that this sits at the correct angle for the shroud. Possibly a stainless steel bushing and possibly some thickened epoxy on the sides so that they sit correctly against the mast and the bolt head (or nut).

One thing is clear. I’m going to think about creating some jigs to guide the tools.

Still reasonably happy. 8 of these needed for the mizzen.

See my post Dyneema / Synthetic Rigging Summary to see the big picture of how this all fits together.

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