Fabric and Fluff 2

Following on from my post about the new shape of our Aft Cabin cushions (see Fabric and Fluff ) I thought I would share some pictures of my process for making the covers. Sticking the foam together to create the new shapes was a tedious job as It was only possible to glue one piece at a time. It proved to be vital to push the foam edges firmly together for the whole 5 minute initial drying time and then leave them for half an hour or so before moving on to the next piece.

This shows my attempt to hold several pieces together using tables, chairs and our electric outboard motor batteries.
Inaccurate glue spraying led to this “Werewolf effect” which lasted several days 😉

When the pieces were finally glued together I used them to create pattern pieces for the top and bottom of each cushion. We knew they were a good fit so that part made cutting out the fabric much easier. I followed the instructions from Canvas for Cruisers and cut the top exactly with no seam allowance, but I used a half inch allowance on all the side pieces. For the base pieces I added 4 cm as the zip is 2 cm each side. It is much easier to cut the fabric in half after you have sewn the zip seam. Then if the zip is the same width as the seam allowance it is relatively easy to attach the zip. I would say the result is serviceable rather than professional 😉

I was pleased to find the corners easier this time although I basted several to check they were at the correct angle. Where two sides are both sloping and they meet it can be tricky!

I was very happy with the results installed in our cabin, especially because the stripes lined up to make the bed look a more standard shape as I had intended.

Having slept in the cabin now for several days we can vouch for the increased comfort. Fewer cushions means no gaps and it is a lot easier to make the bed when it is not 7 feet wide! The seat/step works really well and I appreciate not having to jump up onto the bed after a day of boat work 🙂 See Aft cabin step and chainplate progress

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