Epic dinghy ride

Yesterday we had family with us. So we went on an epic dinghy ride in the afternoon. It would have worked better with a high tide that was a couple of hours earlier. Anyway we set off towards Puffin Island.

The electric ePropulsion motor again worked faultlessly. I was fooled by some breaking water ahead and a red buoy far off to starboard into going further than I needed from the shore and this got is into a bit of a wet patch of wind against tide. So we headed into the last full bay before Penmon Point.

We went ashore but I soon realised that the bottom of the bay was almost flat and with a falling tide we risked being stranded for ours. In the end we managed to drag/push ourselves off, hampered by the sand turning to mud before the depth increased enough for us to properly float.

Still we did approx 14km with quite a bit of the second battery left despite coming back against the tide.

I still want to get to Puffin Island!!

Good to keep confirming that it was worth stretching to the 2.9m Highfield Classic, we can’t fit (or lift) larger but the extra length was great with 4 adults.

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