Gentle mast priming

After getting exhausted yesterday with the epic sand and first coat of epoxy primer on both masts (see Masts are epoxy primed!) today needed to be a lot more gentle.

So we got up late, with plans for some nice brunch, but by the time it gets to 1pm is it really brunch? Anyway fried eggs in harvester baps from the Beaumaris bakery was very nice to eat in the cockpit on a beautiful day.

Then we added the second coat of epoxy primer. We had a long break after painting the first side of both masts so that it would be nice and dry when we turned them over for the second side. That meant time for a late afternoon nap 😊

Very pleased with the results. We are going to give this a bit extra time to cure and get really hard before we do anything else to them. This few days of work has transformed how our masts look and how we feel about them. We have solid confidence that we caught the corrosion in time and that even if there are patches where our technique with the epoxy primer (and preparation) isn’t perfect we can tackle them in small bits.

While this has added a whole load of extra work to what we had planned there is now no reason why these masts shouldn’t give decades of reliable service. That is definitely a win for sustainability 😀

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