Two free upgrades to improve our blog and videos

I’ve just upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu namely 21.10 Impish Indri. As always a simple, automatic and fast process that gives me new versions of nearly all the software I use, all for free.

I think I’ve been using Ubuntu for around 15 years, in that time I’ve had new versions every 6 months, and it has continued to get better and better. Not yet sure what all the updates are in this version (clearly new versions of LibreOffice and FireFox are among them).

One of the more recent changes in Linux, that Ubuntu supports, is new ways of packaging software so that they run on lots of versions of Linux without needing to be prepared and packaged by each Linux distribution (such as Ubuntu).

So, I’d switched from using the Ubuntu packaged version of Kdenlive (our video editor) to one installed with SNAP. Now I’ve switched to a version installed by FLATPAK as that is more directly supported by the project. So now I have a version of Kdenlive that was released 9 days ago.

The new version of Kdenlive now has working (for me) subtitles with speech to text. I’ve just run it on our first Low Footprint video and it is very accurate. Not going to need much work to give us full subtitles (captions on YouTube). That is a very nice improvement.

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