Calm amidst the wind

Today is a deliberately slow day, a chance for us to do not a lot, mostly staying in our cozy cabin while the wind rages outside. Mostly Beaufort force 6 gusting to force 8 according to the Met Office.

We did have a look at the bow roller, the dry fit has gone well although it did end up with some epoxy holding the bow roller in place. A little trim with the multicutter took care of that. Very happy with how it looks.

The next jobs (once some more epoxy arrives) will be some sanding and grinding, then the round supports for the pulpit. After that we can mix up some epoxy fairing filler and get it all smooth and rounded. Then we can drill for the bolts and actually fit the bow roller!!!

Meanwhile, there is plenty to do on the inside, once we get past this rest day 🙂

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