An electric adventure today

Two weekends ago we sold our Citroën van. Last weekend we collected our new car, a 2016 Nissan Leaf electric car.

Tonight, after an evening work meeting, we will go on an adventure in it to the boat.

I fully charged it overnight (normally we are only charging to 80% for longer battery life). This morning it showed a range of 100 miles at 100%. It is 98 miles to the boat.

There are about 8 charge points from 60 to 92 miles on the way, but according to Zap Map the reliability of them isn’t brilliant.

What we don’t yet know is how that range will shrink when driving at a steady speed on motorway & dual carriageway in temperatures of about 4° C. It isn’t far to the M56 and is then nearly 80 miles to the first roundabout. I think we will set the cruise control to 60mph (except where the speed limit reduces to 50mph) and see how we go.

Two sections of 50mph speed limit in Wales are for pollution control. Shouldn’t we get an exemption?

Will be our first use of both public and fast charging, so quite an adventure, in a winter night. Should get there between 12.30pm and 1am all being well.

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