Storm Franklin and cheap drawers.

When we saw the forecast for Storm Franklin yesterday we decided that gusts over 60mph were going to prevent sleep and be quite scary.

So we left the boat before lunchtime while the wind was “only” gusting to mid forties. On our way back now as the wind will drop massively. We have called into Ikea at Warrington, nearly on the way, to get some plastic boxes to use as storage drawers on the shelves we are going to put into the wardrobe spaces.

Nice that we were able to put some free charge into the car while finding the boxes (the website and zapmap say you have to pay but we were not asked to present a card).

While at home I put some more plywood and timber in to make the shelves from. Didn’t have space for anymore when we came on Friday.

Update, first drawers now fitted and video is done:

Galley extension dry fit complete

We now have both the worktop extension and the forward bulkhead dry fitted.

Absolutely delighted with the extra space in the galley. Makes it much more practical for living aboard.

For us the compromise in reduced seating is well worth it. The whole starboard seating might change now. The probably can be more comfortable with just a straight settee that is wider with a sloping back. Plus it would make a more comfortable sea berth. We will just have to sort out how to turn it into a guest double bed.

Top plywood sizing tip

If you can’t fit it in a Nissan Leaf you won’t be able to fit it through the main hatch 😢

We cut the new galley bulkhead roughly to size thinking that it would just fit in the car. It didn’t. So we put it on the roof rack. That meant a maximum speed of 50mph and about a 15% reduction in range. So we made it to the half way charge point with only 8 miles left (only 85% charge when we left home). Then when we got to the boat we couldn’t fit the bulkhead through the main companionway. So the hassle of the roof rack was a total waste of time.

Therefore the top tip is to only bring timber to the boat if it fits in the car (although it still might not fit through the hatch).

Timber preparation

I’ve got the extra galley worktop and the extra galley bulkhead cut from a full sheet of 18mm ply. Hopefully small enough to fit in the car.

Also started sanding the companion way steps and preparing the French cleats.

These are pretty much the only solid timber on board. So hoping to keep these fairly natural colour. Will use penetrating epoxy with a stain and then varnish. Should give good protection for this very high wear part. All other timber is going to be painted apart from small trim.