Progress update

We have had a lovely day. We arrived at the boat about midnight so quite a late night by the time we had carried everything to and then onto the boat, plus made the bed. Therefore we had a nice lie in.
Then some jobs planning before gently starting work. We started by removing the anchor windlass as we have finishing work to do later around the old anchor locker.

Then as it was dry we went back to the battery box in the bilge. Although this is an inside job it is easier in dry & warm weather as it is so disruptive. Lots of stuff has to be moved, the floor taken up and the companionway steps have to be continually removed and then put back.

We are going to see some of these jobs reaching completion over the next months – although we will be switching between various jobs according to weather, length of visit, and supplies.

So over the coming months, we are going to be working on:

  • Battery box
  • Deep bilge and Aquadrive thrust bulkhead
  • Anchor locker, windlass base, staysail chainplate, chain chute
  • Getting the mizzen mast up
  • Knees to tie down the deck where the main mast chainplates are
  • Cabin sole (the floor)
  • New carbon fibre stanchions

But we might also switch around to other jobs if it feels appropriate.

Getting this list done unlocks many more such as fitting the main the solar panels, finishing the galley, getting the electric motor fitted …

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