Sustainable Sailing is both our vision and our journey. By our we mean Jane and Dave. We have been married 31 years and are starting to plan for a different future. Currently we live in a house provided for Dave’s s job which limits our options for Sustainable Living. We have enjoyed sailing together since we first got married but had a break for over 10 years as our teenage sons didn’t shared that enjoyment. So now we are combining the our passion for living sustainably with sailing and a little planning for retirement.

This journey starts with the purchase of Vida, a 42-year-old Rival 38 Centre Cockpit sailing boat. Together we are looking to a future for ourselves which is:

  • Sustainable – Our total environmental impact
  • Sustainable – Our health and well-being
  • Sustainable – Our finances

Short term goal: Launch in March 2020 for our holidays
Medium term goal: A sabbatical journey in 2022 or 2023 (possibly to the Med connecting with some of St Paul’s journeys, without the shipwrecks).
Long term goal: A liveaboard retirement cruising somewhere/anywhere.

For an introduction to the Rival 38 see here

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