An Amel, very similar to our Rival 38

We haven’t seen one of these before. An Amel Sharki 39. Closest boat we have ever seen to our Rival 38.

Here is a couple giving a boat tour of their Amel Sharki 39 called Panda.

The size, rig and layout is by far the closest we have seen to our Vida although the Rival is 3 years older.

They are a little longer, wider and deeper. Their cockpit looks a bit larger and their wheelhouse/fixed dodger is prettier. But our aft cabin has a standing area and an ensuite heads.

Their galley is a bit larger than ours was but lacks a bulkhead to lean against. When we have finished we will have larger worktops.

Our remodeling of the forward heads is going to give us a much better space and a good shower.

Their mizzen mast is easier to access in the cockpit but we don’t have a Triatic stay connecting the two masts at the top (big plus for us, if one mast falls it shouldn’t bring the other down with it).

Really nice to see, very encouraging to see how comfortable it will be.

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