Holiday progress day 1

We like cheating how long a holiday feels by being able to leave the evening before. So I was working on Sunday but we were able to leave by 7pm. We were fortunate to beat the rain and get the van basically unpacked (food, clothing) and carried onto the boat before the rain arrived.

So we were able to start our holiday this morning with a nice long lie in, instead of having to drive and unpack here.

It rained pretty constantly until about 3pm but only showers since. So not worth starting on the outside jobs on the hull.

Instead we tackled some of the jobs in the corridor to the aft cabin.

We have cut away the remains of a fuel tank support, removed the last the the old bulkhead to the engine compartment, then we have cleaned and sanded it. This has given access to the outside edge of the starboard engine bearer which had acted as a dirt trap. We have scrubbed it and left it soaking with some bilge cleaner.

I’ve also put some temporary supports under the floor bearers.

So this is nearly ready for painting. Meanwhile the corridor floor is now screwed down so much quieter walking to our cabin.

It does make it clear that we are going to gain quite a lot of floor width in the corridor which will make the route to the aft cabin a lot more pleasant, especially when the boat is heeled over.

So we have now had our meal. As this photo shows we fall a long way short of trendy 🙂

Was too hungry to take a picture before eating 🙂 We had jacket sweet potato with cauliflower, falafel and a tomato sauce. Followed by scones and blackcurrant jam. With a glass of red wine.

Think we will now take advantage of a gap in the rain to go for a short walk.

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