Being fussy about beds

This morning my fussiness about beds surfaced and is causing more work.

I like my beds level and I like them not to creak 😊 The aft cabin was failing on both counts. As we thought about it we decided that the best option was to remove all the subdivisions for small lockers and put in a strengthened frame for the bed along with a simple large locker for 90% of the space.

Along both sides of the hull there is a bed support, but they are hardly supported themselves. We are going to fix these with some thickened epoxy.

Also several of the bed boards have about 1m² areas that is unsupported and so they feel very bendy if you kneel in the middle. I’ll put some extra frames in, fix the boards and have some smaller cut outs for access.

So I’ve made good progress clearing the space. Just a couple more removal jobs. First, we are going to cut back the remaining wardrobe so that we can create a nice consistent storage right along the corridor to the aft bunk. Second, I’m going to cut the access hatch into the lazarette.

Then ready to rebuild, for that I need some more timber but I’m not going to try and get that on a Bank Holiday!

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