Enjoying a few days off.

The weather has been beautiful for a week. So we have taken 3 days off from boat work.

On Friday we collected and tested a new inflatable kayak (with some rigid sections for improved shape and performance). It is an Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite. We can use it as either a single or double. It was Jane’s first time in a kayak, this is great for that as we can use it with an open deck until she is feeling confident. Then we can zip in either a single or double deck. These have inflatable collars so you can also use a spray deck. This model has a high pressure “floorboard” made like a SUP (drop stitch) to add rigidity.

On Saturday some new friends, Kev and Gill, invited us for a sail in their Wayfarer. They had just spent 4 days sailing it around Anglesey. We zoomed all around between Beaumaris and Bangor, had a picnic on board while Kev failed to catch a bass (unlike the bloke fishing from the shore caught a huge Bass while we failed). Really great day.

Today we perfected our technique of shading the wheelhouse and main saloon. Made a huge difference so we were comfortable inside, out of the sun, when the temperature outside was in the high 20s. Then at about 5 we went for a nice long paddle in the kayak. We explored the anchorage opposite Beaumaris Pier and then headed back past Gallows Point all the way to the Gazelle Pub. About 5 miles altogether. It was beautiful, we saw lots of jellyfish (about 5 different types) as we paddled through the shallows avoiding the tide.

Game changing watermaker?

This sounds really amazing for sometime in the future.

From MIT News “Researchers build a portable desalination unit that generates clear, clean drinking water without the need for filters or high-pressure pumps.

Definitely could be a game changer for our retirement, certainly looks like it might be worth putting off buying a watermaker if you don’t need it for a few years.

Trying to seal from little friends

Before leaving this evening I used some cheap sealant to try to block the ends of the aluminium tubes that support the wheelhouse roof. The flies seem to use them a lot.

I’ve also resealed where the electric cable currently goes into the cabin (when we switched to the new consumer unit the foam tile was left with a bit of a gap).

We have caught a hundred or so flies with the fly paper (mostly outside). Inside the “electric zapper” fly swat has been effective, must have killed 40 flies with it). Overall when there are large numbers of flies the little Makita vacuum has been the most effective, catching hundreds.

Hoping for fewer “friends” when we are at the boat for half-term!

Semi relaxed 😍

So we were able to travel earlier today which meant a relaxed journey, no rush carrying stuff onto the boat and plenty of time to prepare a salmon stir fry for a normal dinner time which we were able to eat in cockpit sharing in a beautiful quiet evening.

Only downside is that there has been a bad fire in a telephone exchange that seems to be affecting all Anglesey. So the live Internet stream I did for work at 8pm was through my tablet hot-spot and hence rather slow.

But now back to chilling in our comfy saloon. Jane is doing cross stitch and I’m playing Dominations while we listen to random downloaded music on YouTube Music 😁

There are disadvantages

And two come to mind this morning.

The first is that working in tight spaces is uncomfortable. I’ve tweaked something behind my right knees while working in the aft cabin. It has been painful overnight. So more caution today.

The second is that there is a problem with making comfortable beds in a snug boat. We enjoy staying in bed in the morning, especially when there was a rain shower, bed seemed even more attractive. So another late start 😂🛏️🛌😴