Aft head update

So here is a video of where we got up to last weekend with the aft heads.

The Natures Head composting loo needs a bit more space than the original Lavac pump out loo, in particular it is quite a bit taller. However, the seacock under the floor is no longer needed (was toilet flush inlet) which is good as the access is rubbish and the bolts look like they need replacing (and they are not cheap).

So by removing the flush inlet seacock (and properly filling the hole with epoxy and glass cloth) we can lower the floor for the new toilet. Obviously we can also remove and fill the toilet outlet seacock. Now we are thinking that it would be good to also get rid of the sink drain as that will allow us make the compartment feel more spacious (or at least make it a bit more comfy), plus it means one less seacock to maintain, one less potential leak. We are doing some research on how we might combine basin & sink wastes.

We wrote about seacocks in a lot of detail at Refurbish or replace: Seacocks? since then I’ve upped my aims. My goal now is to have only 3 holes below the waterline (2 cockpit drains and one engine inlet). Above the waterline there I’d like just 6 (4 x deck drains, engine exhaust and a multi-use bilge pump out).

The video starts talking about the electrics which are going to be key to our reducing the fossil fuel use. Much more later!

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