Not Friday progress #10

We only made it to Vida in time for our evening meal yesterday. Fortunately, a free Saturday means we are still able to make some progress.

First, I had assembled my new table saw at home. So I was able to cut up a full sheet of 12mm plywood and we now have tops on all the seats in the saloon (covered with stuff at the moment so not visible for a picture).

This morning the first job was to finish removing the insulation from the old fridge and the last few bits of wood. Looking much better now.

Then I’ve been in the cockpit locker making space for the new batteries. I’ve cut the end off the old battery box and done some cleaning.

That little shelf has come out. The two green hoses will be replaced and re-routed. So

This is two of the (empty) boxes that the batteries come in. So 2 batteries on top of each other (the top one will be a bit further forward (to the right in the picture) when the hoses have been re-routed). The third house battery will be to the left of the lower box. The engine starter battery will be on to of the third house battery,

I’ll be building proper boxes for them that will be fixed in place. Then there will be new sound insulation between them and the engine (it needs it all the way round). They will take some space from the cockpit locker, however, from all the other tidying up I’m doing as part of this it will end up slightly larger and a lot easier to access.

Meanwhile, Jane has been fitting the foam “headlining” to the sides of the aft cabin. These get quite a bit of condensation. The idea is to hold the foam in place with velco, and we hope to paint it white. Got to do some experimenting to check the paint doesn’t just crack off when the foam is flexed.

We are just having some lunch and then are going to drive over (about a mile) to see what the access to our mooring looks like at low tide. Possibly a bit more work this afternoon, but so far very pleased.

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